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All (as in "every one") of our new and used print books will be on sale for half price from February 1 to 28. (Ebooks excluded.) Owner, who is celebrating his 82nd birthday on February 6, is downscaling.

Each book price will be one-half (often one cent less than half) of the regular price in the book description box to the right of the cover image. The half price will be shown in a circular price tag on the bottom right corner of the description box and will be adjusted accordingly in the PayPal html.

The shipping charge, unfortunately, cannot be cut in half. For a single-book purchase, it will be as shown. If you order more than one book, the shipping charge will be less. But I'm unable to fine-tune this in PayPal. Therefore, for multiple book purchases I will send you a refund check in the amount of the unused shipping charge. 

Any books left over from this sale will find a new home in Goodwill. 


February 1 to 28, 2018